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Is an emoji worth 1,000 words?

by Lauren McGehee

Is an emoji worth 1,000 words?

The use of visual language is skyrocketing with 2015 seeing a sharp increase in its use. The Oxford Dictionary choose an emoji – officially known as ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ – as the word of the year in 2015. Last year also saw GIFs become a mainstream way to explore and explain the world . Memes are a large part of our online experience, especially on social channels.

At first, digital imagery was used as punctuation for text, but now it can transfer the subtext, or even the entire message itself. The rise of emoji use on Instagram and Facebook correlates directly with a decline in the use of slang; people are replacing words with pictures. If your brand uses social media for insights and metrics, it’s time to find ways to get smart about possibly including visual language in your brand voice, and definitely in your analysis.

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