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Adam Kleinberg

What Works in Social

by Adam Kleinberg

What Works in Social

If your job is to manage your company's or your client's Facebook and Twitter feeds, there are a whole new crop of (reasonably priced) tools to help you make smarter decisions about what kind of posts actually work.

This week, I had two friends in the industry show up at Traction to show me a couple of these tools—Doug Schumacher of Zuum Social and Chase McMichaels of InfinGraph.

Zuum Social. Know what works on Facebook.

Zuum Social is a tool with a clear and valuable mission. To help you "know what works on Facebook." That's their tag line and it's precisely the one and only thing this tool is designed to do. And it does it well.

Zuum is an analytics tool. It focuses on Facebook, because that's where most people are. It allows brands to track themselves and their competitors across a wide range of metrics, identify what is driving engagement and drill down to see take a closer look at the details in a seamless interface.

In the ten minutes Doug spent showing me the product, I learned that most of the brands in the fast food space were posting 2-3 movies, images and links to their Facebook walls  a day and were stuck with limited and inconsistent engagement from their fans—except one. 

Jack in the Box is killing it. They post one text-only tweet each day. From Jack. Yesterday's post, "The first rule of fry club is you don't talk about fry club," shows 912 likes and 119 comments.

Doug, the founder, comes from the creative department. He's a designer and I think that's what sets this tool apart from the Radian6s of the world. Where those tools may offer comprehensiveness, Zuum offers simplicity. It gives you a clean, straightforward interface that lets you get in, get what you need and get on with it. 

For $250/month, you really can't go wrong.

InfiniGraph. Amplify Social ROI.

"Amplify Social ROI." Also a tag line. Also a promise that delivers—if your social strategy is curating links of stuff to drive engagement. InfiniGraph lets you identify what articles about your brand are "trending." In other words, which ones are people already sharing most heavily, so you can and amplify them.  You can amplify them in one of two ways. You can post them on Facebook or Twitter—or you can export them to an RSS feed that you can then put just about anywhere—like in a widget on your website or inside a banner ad.

The other cool thing that InfiniGraph does is understand what other content has the highest affinity for your audience. In other words, what other content is of interest to the people who are already sharing content about your brand. By understanding this, you can find more relevant content to curate. 

How much more relevant? According to Chase, the average increase in engagement per post is 30%. So, that much more relevant.

InfiniGraph may not be the ideal tool for Jack, but if you're job title is Content Strategist or Social Media So-And-So, this is a unique tool that should definitely have a place in your toolbox.

Of course, I just say whatever is on my mind or post whatever I'm reading that interests me. Which is another way to go. 

Which of these tools works do you think would work best for you?

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