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Kasey Smith

Traction Taco Takedown

by Kasey Smith

Traction Taco Takedown

Traction is an office of connoisseurs. It informs how we work, how we play, and most especially how we eat.  From Glenn's to-die-for lemon meringue pie to Kele's home-brews to Julie's delectable cheesecake to Adam's BBQ obsession we're an office that loves fine food and drink. We're also an office that loves cutthroat, blood-thirsty competition. Hence our quarterly Traction Cook-Offs. 

An office full of foodies enters, one foodie leaves. 

In October, Traction threw our most successful Cook-Off to date - the BBQ and Potato Salad Cook-Off. Despite stiff competition in both categories, Account Supervisor Brandon Herrera walked away with both trophies; a zombified bronze pig and a gold toothed Mr. Potato Head. But the Traction staff was left tragically torn by Brandon's victory - everyone enjoyed eating his food but no one liked losing to him! In December, Senior Graphic Designer Kele Todd hatched a plan to steal Brandon's crown and heal this office-wide internal conflict. 

During the Holiday Pot-luck™ I foolishly challenged Brandon to a culinary contest of skill in making guacamole. Brandon, savvy champion that he is, could tell that I was betting on a contest I was reasonably sure I would win, so he increased the stakes to include fish tacos. Not wanting to back down for fear of seeming unmanly, but knowing what a proficient chef Brandon is, I offered a compromise - we would compete with both dishes; guacamole and fish tacos. 

And hence the Taco Takedown was born. Rescheduled not once, not twice, but THREE times (hey, we got busy) the event finally took place on March 30th. With two entries in the Fish Taco category and five for guacamole, the competition was fierce. After much careful consideration our champions were crowned.

*Fish Tacos: Brandon Herrera for his beer battered tilapia tacos with lime and olive oil cabbage slaw and chipotle aioli.     

*Guacamole: Melanie Kaufman for her ghost pepper salted guacamole. 

And their trophies? A miniature sombrero and a 32 oz Corona. Because nothing says Happy Taco Takedown like tiny hats and Mexican beer! Congrats to Brandon and Melanie. May you successfully defend your titles at the next Traction Cook-Off!                                  


Sleep with one eye open, Brandon; revenge is a dish best served cold...

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