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Khai Nguyen

The New Myspace. Sexy is back!

by Khai Nguyen

The New Myspace. Sexy is back!

Back in September, I had posted a sneak peak teaser video from Myspace starring one the of site’s major sponsors: Justin Timberlake. And if anyone could bring sexy back to the once major player in social media, it is definitely Justin.

"We never looked at this as some sort of rebranding or reinvention. This was for us a completely new platform,” says Justin in last month’s Rolling Stone.

Music has always been at the core of Myspace. It seems only natural that music become the thread that connects its users to their social experiences. 

And that it did.

Tonight, I received a personal invite to the New Myspace (it appears Myspace is doing a soft rollout). Based on the amazing teaser I saw back in September, I was very curious if they could actually deliver on the anticipation and promise.

 New Myspace Launches

First of all, the new look and feel of the site is truly impressive. It feels so much more current and relevant than its older sibling. 

After you sign-up and give them a little information about who you are (e.g. photographer, designer, writer, etc.), you are given a few easy steps to help guide you through the site.

 New Myspace Launches

Step 1: How to Connect — this step shows you how to connect to like-minded people based on your interests using the connect icon (the two circular images).

 New Myspace

Step 2: Type to Search — this step helps you find people and artists using their search. In my example, I searched for the “Lumineers.” In the search results, I am shown artists with the name, albums from the “Lumineers”, people who to connect to, as well as mixes (or playlists) from others with the “Lumineers” in their list.

New Myspace Launches - Lumineers

When I click the connect icon, I can connect with the artist or play their mix songs (apparently this is a list of songs the artists has put together).

What's extra unique is the integrated music player in their lower navigation. The player will play songs from your connections, music you discover, or tunes from your very own mix lists. 

Music is truly at the core. Myspace has taken the functionality of Facebook and truly integrated music into it (what Spotify tried to do but failed).

Step 3: Take a Tour — this step gives you a very brief tour of the site. The first part of the tour is “Discover Content” where you can discover new people music, mixes and videos.

 New Myspace Launches

The second leg of the tour shows you how you can sort or filter music based on your interests.

 New Myspace Launches

The third leg of the tour highlights the horizontal navigation.

 New Myspace Launches

The final leg of the tour shows you how you can connect to almost any content, person, or artist using the connect icon. Additionally, you can add the song to your queue, send a message and share. 

 New Myspace Launches

Considering the massive amount of integrated media on the site, they have done a fantastic job on a simple yet intuitive user experience. Case in point, here’s a sample post:

 New Myspace Launches

And true to Myspace form, I was able to customize my profile page with a large image. You can even give your personal profile page its own song! If you happen to have gotten an invite to the New Myspace, add me!

 New Myspace Launches - Khai Nguyen


So what do you think? Can Myspace dig its way back or is it too little too late?

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Nice to meet you. Please Invite me at simplestyle_in@yahoo.co.jp Thank you!

Khai Nguyen

@simplestyle - There doesn't seem to be a way to invite people to the New Myspace. However, you can give them your email address to be placed on the initial rollout list at https://new.myspace.com/

Adam Kleinberg

I'm loving mySpace. I've really been hesitant to make the emotional investment that goes into committing to a tool to discover music. Now, I know why. I've been waiting for the new mySpace. @adamkleinberg

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