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Should Digital Agencies Attend SXSW?

by Traction

Should Digital Agencies Attend SXSW?

Like many agencies, we send our CEO to SXSW to network, to check out the latest in marketing thought leadership, and to eat BBQ. In his recent AdvertisingAge article  Is There Still a Reason for Digital Agencies at SXSW? John McDermott asks whether "... digital agencies needed to be a part of that eclectic mix at all."

Covering the same trends in client relations, technology, and publishing that Adam Kleinberg touched on in his article Is Brand Disintermediation A Problem?, McDermond posits that start-ups have eclipsed agencies at SXSW. 

"The general sentiment among tech entrepreneurs at SXSW was that we're experiencing "the beginning of the end" for digital agencies. Brands have started to use startup technology to bring their marketing in-house, thus lessening their reliance on digital agencies, they said. " 

With quotes from Adam Kleinberg, Kyle Bunch of R/GA, and David Berkowitz of 360i the full article can be read here


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