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Focus On A 'Return On Awesome'

by Traction

Focus On A 'Return On Awesome'

ROI vs ROA. How does one balance metrics and accountability with the need to differentiate your brand, your voice, and your special blend of awesomeness? 

In his latest article for Forbes CMO Network, Adam Kleinberg tackles the need for a dedicated ROA - Return on Awesome - to counterbalance the tendency towards over-reliance on ROI figures. 

"If we all use the same data to make the same decisions abut the same   products, we lost the differentiation that allows brands to hold special         places in the hearts and minds of consumers... If we all sacrifice           possibility for certainty, we give up the opportunity to be awesome."

From Red Bull to Walgreens Adam champions "be(ing) accountable for being awesome" as a tactic to fight brand commodification. The full article can be read here: Focus On A 'Return On Awesome' And Beat Brand Commodification


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