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Adam Kleinberg

Traction a Small Agency of the Year finalist

by Adam Kleinberg

Traction a Small Agency of the Year finalist

The recognition keeps rolling on in over here at Traction. We are very proud to announce that we are one of five finalists for iMedia's 2013 Small Agency of the Year!

Coming on the heels of winning a silver Small Agency of the Year award from Ad Age (on the West Coast) and Interactive Agency of the Year from BtoB Magazine, this we're really humbled by all the kudos we've been receiving from our peers in the industry as one of the top small agencies. 

The actual iMedia award goes to whoever gets the most votes, so please click here to vote—whether it's for us or one of the other great small agencies that have been nominated (of course, we'd be honored if you voted for us). 

In the meanwhile, thank you to the iMedia Advisory Board for naming Traction a finalist. It's a tremendous honor.

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Rae Deadmond

I am totally impressed with your art work and great ideas.


Thanks, Rae. Appreciate it :)

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