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Traction CEO to be Advisor at 1st-ever iMoms

by Traction

Traction CEO to be Advisor at 1st-ever iMoms

Our fearless leader Adam Kleinberg has been named to the Advisory Board of the inaugural iMoms Summmit 2011 to be held May 1-4 in Amelia Island, Florida. The theme of the event is "Innovative Marketing to Moms" and Adam will leverage his experience marketing to moms for brands like Clorox, Shutterfly and CamelBak to inform the content of the event.

According to iMedia, the event planners:

"Combine moms' vast consumption and production of digital media with their control of the majority of consumer dollars spent, and you'll understand why brands large and small are scrambling to take advantage of the marketing opportunity moms present. But the 21st century mom is hard to reach, influence and win over. Today's mom consumes media on her terms and often on-the-go. And moms consume much less of it - Baby Center reports that motherhood cuts a woman's media time by 3 hours each day. She trusts her network of moms over any other source when she decides what to buy. And she is vocal. While there is no fiercer brand advocate than mom, a marketing misstep to her spreads like wildfire. Marketers have to build a relationship, earn her trust, and be authentic. That takes time and brands can't cut corners

The iMoms Summit will dig deep into the right digital marketing to moms playbook. We'll explore how moms consumer media now and on what platforms, how moms make purchase decisions, the brand attributes important to moms, and what moms want from the brands that need to connect with them - and will share best practices from the brands getting it right."

Last year, Adam gave a presentation at ad:tech San Francisco on "Killer Creative for Moms." You can view that presentation here:

Killer Creative for Moms
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