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Adam Kleinberg

4 Reasons to Reinvent Your Website

by Adam Kleinberg

4 Reasons to Reinvent Your Website

Over the last two years, the world has been reinvented yet again. The proliferation of devices and the advances in the interfaces that run on them have raced forward like an avalanche. Nielsen is predicting that 50 percent of the U.S. market will have smartphones by the end of 2011. Apple introduced the iPad and has since sold more than 15 million of them.

This changes things. Consumer expectations have been reset, and they are never going back. Average Joe does not pause to consider, "Hey, I'm on a WAP site now, which has significantly different technical capabilities from a website or an application running on iOS."

Joe just logs on to whatever device he's using to access the web and assumes he will have an amazing, seamless, and intuitive experience doing whatever it is he set out to do. So often, Joe is disappointed. Mediocrity is so common. When he does encounter an experience that is exceptional, he is absolutely delighted.

Your next "website" might not be visited at the site you thought it would be at all. The experience you provide online must be great wherever it is accessed. It must be crafted to appeal to what really matters to your customers wherever and however they come into contact with your brand.

Your next website should be crafted with all this in mind. This article I wrote on iMediaConnection outlines the foundational attributes that should define how your site is designed and constructed. 

Reason 1: Media consumption will drive development needs

Alternative platforms are usually an afterthought. They shouldn't be. Read why.

Reason 2: Contextual content determines value

The content that is relevant to people at home and the office is not the same. Read why.

Reason 3: Responsive web design

Is your site built to adjust to the device it's being viewed on? Maybe it should be. Read why.

Reason 4: Awesome experiences

People expect awesome. They don't usually get it. You should give it to them. Read why.

Or read the whole iMediaConnection.com article here.

Ken Murray

Wont' show you our website yet. Hopefully it will be up soon, but I've given control over to a couple of my employees. We'll see if they have any taste or just the same old same old. Liked this article. We should brainstorm about "law firm" websites in the future. Cheers. Ken

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