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Adam Kleinberg

Here. Have a free LinkedIn Companies Toolkit

by Adam Kleinberg

Here. Have a free LinkedIn Companies Toolkit

LinkedIn Companies is an innovative new feature of the ubiquitous business social network that will soon become a vital part of your marketing strategy. It allows you to create a robust profile of your products and services—and ask your customers to endorse them.

We've created a LinkedIn Companies Strategic Toolkit that Traction is using to help our clients be strategic and make the most of this new feature. We've also decided to share it. So, take it. Yes, it's free. Just download it here.

We hope you'll take a look around and learn more about Traction while you're here.

Let us know if you find this valuable. Pass it along. And enjoy the other things we share on our blog and SlideShare channel.

John Cavanaugh

Thanks, Adam. This is very well thought out and provides a helpful framework for this new LinkedIn strategy.


It is a great framework, but I'm trying to figure out how to actually add the marketing carousel. How do you do it?


Thanks for sharing Adam! I am working on a marketing strategy and my updating our company profile will be a part of that.


Absolutely digging this info. And pumped that you are sharing with the masses. High level enough not to drive you down the rabbit hole but deep enough to get the creative going! Thank you!


Glad to hear it's helpful!

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