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Adam Kleinberg

Content is king. Creative is queen.

by Adam Kleinberg

Content is king. Creative is queen.

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended several industry events last week. One of them was a BtoB Magazine "NetMarketing Breakfast." I've attended several of these in the past and the format is always the same: a panel three or four senior marketers each present some of the innovative marketing efforts they are are doing with their brands and then take questions. 

Except this time something was different: the innovative marketing efforts presented were all essentially the same.

Smells like a trend to me...

The three presentations (available for download here) were given by Kevin Cox, Global Director of Campaigns and Programs at SAP, Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Manager at Intel and Laura Ramos, VP of Services Marketing at Xerox.

All three of these marketers were showing examples of content they were creating on behalf of their brands. And all of that content was damned good.

I know the smell of a trend when I sniff one.

Pam actually shared Intel's new marketing strategy in response to the reality that "social in rewriting the rules of audience engagement." As you can see in the graphic from one of her slides below, "compelling content" now sits at the core of Intel's marketing, not product value propositions as was the case before. 

How's that for a formula: Compelling + Content = The new Intel Core Duo

Here's an example of the kind of content Intel is investing in:

SAP also was focusing on creating quality video content developed for the web. The primary distribution channel for this video for SAP Real Time Business was SAP's YouTube channel.

Showing up at a conference with a Flip video camera is only a recipe for creating loads of cheap content that no one watches. Take a look at this video (and all the related content surrounding it on YouTube) Xerox created to showcase it's relationship with Ducati. Rather than do a typical choreographed, artificially message-laden case study, they created video content that's actually fun to watch.

And of course, b2b brands are not the only ones investing in creating great content to engage audiences. I saw Kevin Doohan, head of all things digital at Red Bull, speak at the iMedia Agency Summit in December. Red Bull has turned creating killer content in an art form and a way of life for the brand. In turn, they've got some of the most fanatically passionate customers in the world. Look at this.

All of these impressive brands are making investments in creating great content. They realize that great content provides value to their customers. Great content is fun to watch. Great content incites brand love. And to them, great content is worthwhile to produce.

I think Pam summed it up best. "Content is king. But creative is queen."

Theo Fanning

Creative is content. While Content doesn't have to be creative, creative is almost always content (or part of it).

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