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Adam Kleinberg

LinkedIn Companies Questions

by Adam Kleinberg

LinkedIn Companies Questions

I've gotten a number of questions in response to my article on Mashable about How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. Most seem to be about how to access the various admin tools, so I thought I'd post some screen shots here to answer them.

If you haven't seen the original article, you can check it out right here.

In particular, people seem to be having trouble finding where to install the carousel feature and how to embed a video on their pages.

First, you'll have to be an admin on your page. If you don't have admin rights, find out who does and ask them to assign you as an admin. If you're not an admin, you can't update your page.

Next, you have to first "Add a Products or Service" to your LinkedIn Company page and then select "Edit." The graphic below shows you where the buttons are to do this.

When you click 'Edit,' you should go to your Products & Services Overview admin page. Once you fill it out, it will look like the image below. For the carousel, just upload an image and a URL you want it to link to. For the video, paste in the YouTube link (NOT the embed tags, the page URL) and a type in a description.

Voila. Now, click publish and you're done.

If you're just getting started, you might also want to download this free toolkit to help you plan your page. Good luck!


Okay, I've made myself the sole admin of my own page, but I'm still not getting the "edit" option. Is this one of those things that takes LinkedIn two days to process?

Adam Kleinberg

Not sure, Angelique. They may be rolling out features. Someone else told me that LinkedIn "finally turned on" some features we've been discussing for her. Adam


I am trying to see where I can add the Carousel banners and can't seem to find it. Did they remove that feature?


Hi Adam the Carousel option doesn't appear to be available to my company either - my screen doesn't look like your screenshots above. Wondering if it is geographical - we are in New Zealand, or size related - we have under 50 employees. Also, the audience targeting option seems to be only available in North America. Hopefully LinkedIn will roll these features out to other parts of the world before too long!

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