6 quotes on video ad engagement

Social media is funny. This week I saw an @ message on Twitter from @bradmblake, who is a very nice guy, but someone I've never met before. Blake was quoting me saying something that sounded like something I'd say, but I had no recollection saying. I asked Blake about it and he directed me to a LinkedIn profile for Dave Hallerman. Turns out that Dave, an analyst at eMarketer (also a very nice guy, also one I've never met), had quoted something I that I said on Twitter a while back in a presentation he made in Boston.

Now I have two new friends and something to write a blog post about. 

You can download Dave's presentation here, but I just thought I'd summarize and list the quotes he used to illustrate each one of the points in his presentation on "7 Trends for Video Advertising Engagement." (there's only 6  quotes, it's not a typo).

“What we saw was the overwhelming power of engagement to change metrics. The takeaway here is: If you want your propaganda to work, get people to engage with it.” — Troy Young, president, SAY Media (formerly VideoEgg)

“Understanding how brand perceptions have changed doesn’t say how much you can sell. That gets you to the 10-yard line, but it doesn’t give you the touchdown.” — Joe Zahtila, chief operating officer, Dynamic Logic

“We have some very emotional brands, such as with Milk-Bone where we don’t just use a repurposed 30-second spot. Whether on publishers’ sites or our Facebook page, we look at how much people engage with the brand besides the video ad itself.” — Doug Chavez, director digital marketing, Del Monte Foods

“The power of emotional storytelling will always be a necessary vehicle on the path towards sharing.” — Dan Greenberg, chief executive officer, Sharethrough

“Social is not about listening to people talking about your brand. It’s about listening to people talk about their lives.” — Adam Kleinberg, chief executive officer, Traction

“When marketers choose to truly engage audiences (and that means something different for every brand), it requires more custom thinking, more custom execution, more attention paid at every turn…” — Ian Schafer, chief executive officer, Deep Focus

If you think any of this is insightful, check out the presentation. Good work, Dave.

Oh, and if you happen to be in LA, come see me speak at the DigiDay Video Upfront tomorrow.

Adam Kleinberg CEO
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