Is brand-agency disintermediation a problem?

Should agencies fear current trends in client relations, technology, and publishing? In his recent Digiday article Brand-Agency Disintermediation Isn't the Real Problem Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg sets forth that for the brand-agency relationship, "The value has shifted — and continues to shift — but it hasn’t diminished." 

Written as a response to Giselle Abramovich's recent Digiday piece 5 Ways Brands Are Cutting Out Agencies, Adam focuses on the trends of brands teaming with service-driven content creators, moving marketing disciplines in-house, getting closer to startups, recruiting data scientists, and dipping into the agency pool to conclude that: 

"At the end of the day, brands will always have challenges that require objectivity, strategic thinking, creativity, experience, expertise — and, yes, service — to solve. Agencies that are willing to adapt will see shifts in their business but will not have a problem adapting. Those unwilling to change simply won’t exist."

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