‘Tis the season for free gift tags

From the elves who brought you The Amazing Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator, behold The Amazing Crap-O-Matic Gift Tags! We've channeled our inner Martha Stewart so you don’t have to. Spend less time on wrapping crap while still making sure your gifts stand out from the rest. 

The best part—it’s free and yours to own at the click of a mouse. So what are you waiting for? Enhance your Crap-O-Matic Experience and download the gift tags today!

Crap-O-Matic Gift Tags PDF

P.S—You're welcome. 

gift tags

An assortment of delights. There’s something for everyone! 

Doo Doo gift tag

So craptastic and pretty! 

Cat gift tag

It’s the cat’s meow!

walrus gift tag

Oooh la la! Doo Doo Doode approved!

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