Traction named blog you should read

Traction was just named in an article by Michael Estrin of iMediaConnection titled "5 agency blogs you should be reading." Why? Here's an excerpt:

It's hard to pigeonhole the Traction blog. Sometimes you get funny posts that are somewhat related to the industry, like this one in which the agency's creative director explains why he isn't Don Draper for the digital age. Other times you get posts that aren't related to advertising at all, like this recipe for garlic mash potatoes.

We'll chalk those two posts (and others of that variety) up to Traction's unique culture. But if your boss wants to know why you're reading a blog that seems a little off the wall, you can always show them this...

... Honestly, I can't tell if I come for the distractions and stay for the knowledge or vice versa. But it really doesn't matter. When I check in with Traction, I'm always entertained, and I usually leave the blog with some extra knowledge. Not bad.

Read more about why iMedia digs us here. And congrats to the Barbarian Group, LinkLink and Ogilvy PR, the other four agencies named in the piece.

January 10, 2011
Adam Kleinberg CEO
Adam is the CEO of Traction, an interactive agency broadly recognized as one of the top small agencies in the US. Kleinberg plays a hands-on role for all agency accounts and keeps his team at the leading edge of emerging digital channels. He is also a regular contributor to Ad Age, Forbes, Mashable, Digiday and iMediaConnection.