Traction’s CEO to speak at Advertising Week

Next week, Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg will be speaking on a panel at Advertising Week in New York. Alongside colleagues Shonan Reed (digital president of MEC), Sal Candela (VP of Global Partnerships at Undertone), Scott Marsden (Head of Global Partnerships at Spotify), and Erin Rech (SVP of Digital Innovation & Investment at UM), Adam will dive into “Why Creativity Matters in the Age of Data.” In recent years, the industry has been laser-focused on data – and with good reason. The influx of third-party data has made targeting digital advertising more accurate and effective than ever before. However, creative execution still matters. Creativity encompasses every aspect of brand communications and is an essential asset for business growth. This session will explore the ever-increasing impact of creativity in today’s digital advertising climate, and why the balance of data and creative is critical in persuading audiences to take action.

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September 21, 2016
Traction Digital Agency

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