Why we don’t allow comments here

The internet is a wonderful wild place—a fountainhead of information, creativity, and dialogue. Sadly, it is also home to the “Upside Down” where the Demogorgon feeds—turning once vibrant ideas into empty husks that farrow nothing but despair and discontent. (Stranger Things anyone?) So if you want all the good you gotta accept the bad, right?  We think not. 

The debate about the value of comments on blogs has been brewing for a long time. And many publishers (Popular Science, Motherboard, Bloomberg, the Verge) have disabled their comment functionality for a variety of reasons: from time management issues to lack of engagement to their comments just being a spiral of doom.

We’ve purposely built our website to showcase our work, thinking, opinions, and ideas. It is our proverbial soapbox. And while we certainly love a good discussion/debate, we discovered that pervious iterations of our own comments section became mainly a place for trolls, opportunists, and unwanted spam (of the human and bot variety). In a nutshell, the comments on our blog were not adding value to our lives, or yours. So on our new website, we decided to not enable the option at all. Obviously, this is a polarizing idea.

Now we don’t believe in censorship or living in a bubble void of feedback, so we still encourage people to share their opinion and thoughts in a variety of ways: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email—just not on here, on our soapbox. That way your opinion lives where it should: on your personal platform of choice, associated to your digital identity (or lack-there-of if you choose to be anonymous).

And while we don’t think this small act will affect many of you, we do know that it keeps the static in our lives to a minimum.

"Even a fractious minority wields enough power to skew a reader's perception..."

Suzanne LaBarre

Popular Science

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