A nice, juicy, naturally sweet assignment

The Pacific Fruit & Beverage Company approached Traction with a blank canvas and a dream: introduce mainstream America to their vitamin-rich calamansi fruit juice from the Philippines. We tried it, loved it, and signed on.

Nomsi Bottle shots

A new super fruit

Before people could love it, they needed to know what it is. We positioned the calamansi as a cross between a lime and an orange — and had some fun with the fact that it’s neither (“Cala-what-si?”). And that it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

A super campaign

We crafted every aspect of the integrated launch in the Bay Area market: naming, logo, packaging, website, mobile site, social media, PR, guerilla marketing, retail programs, and POS. San Francisco was humming with the launch of Nomsi flavored infusions.

website on tablet
website on mobile phones

A new super star

After the brand launch, Pacific Fruit & Beverage saw monthly revenues climb by over 550% year-over-year. As a result, Nomsi is well on its way to becoming the next winner in the natural beverage category

Nomsi on bike ads

"Nomsi made a huge splash for our launch thanks to Traction!"

Victor Elizaga


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