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A taste of innovation

Vino Volo is a different kind of wine bar, with 33 locations in airports across the US and a philosophy that learning about wine should be a lifelong journey. Their challenge for Traction: Extend their brand experience to the web, including a new e-commerce shop.

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Smooth and accessible

Since the majority of Vino Volo’s customers are travelers, we developed a responsive HTML5 experience that worked great on any size screen — allowing users to find nearby locations, discover and purchase wines, and redeem loyalty program benefits.

Sip locally, think globally

Vino Volo’s new website has helped to distinguish them from competitors. And the responsive interface has given Vino Volo a competitive edge by allowing customers to effortlessly search for wine—and enjoy a moment in wine country—from any device, anywhere in the world.

Infinitely approachable

We loved Vino Volo's fresh approach to discovering wine, and set on creating a full-bodied experience to reflect their passion. We crafted a friendly, conversational brand voice — inviting users to “find their own personal wine country.”

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