Forging a new website

A brand’s website is often where first impressions count the most. This is perhaps doubly important for a brand focused on something as nebulous as Digital Identity. So we built a clearer, content-oriented website for ForgeRock.

Forgerock website

Clarity first

After some investigation, we found out that customers weren’t exactly sure what “digital identity” meant, so we focused on creating a site that helped educate businesses and how ForgeRock could solve their problems.

Forgerock layout closeup

Digital makeover

Elegant design helped ForgeRock’s purpose and products shine through, leaving no room for confusion. And a flexible CMS allowed them to update their site in real-time—a necessity in a constantly changing industry.

The face of success

  • Inked more than $100 million in bookings in a single year
  • Helped drive investment of $88 million ahead of planned IPO
Forgerock infographic
Forgerock responsive
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