I Fixed It—You’re Welcome

Lenovo brought us an intriguing request: “We want a video we can personalize for each of our IT contacts. Oh, and it needs to speak to the server category as well as personal devices.” After the room stopped spinning, we got to work.

Placing IT at center stage

Our successful efforts to date had been all about user negligence. But this time the focus needed to be more on IT – the unsung heroes of business. So we collected a trove of strategic insights on what IT pros love, hate, and love to hate.

Drop the bass – not the ball

What better way to make IT pros the star then an irreverent hip-hop music video? The pitfalls (cultural and otherwise) were daunting. We partnered with a Grammy-nominated music house and an East Bay hip-hop dance company and swung for the fences.

Straight to the top of the charts

  • Over 600,000 personalized versions of the video,
  • 80% video completion rate 
  • 75% CTR 
  • 30% of audience viewed the video multiple times. 
  • 3x lift in engagement KPIs
I fixed it products

“The IT Anthem continues to drive really high numbers, 

including a 50% attribution to all MQLs this quarter and last!”

Michael Ballard

Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo North America

Drop the mic
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