Positioning Virtustream's Enterprise Cloud

Virtustream is a service that helps businesses migrate vital applications to the cloud for secure storage. We developed a campaign that helped propel their acquirer Dell EMC to #1 in the worldwide cloud storage market.

Unexpected insight: jealousy

Most media attention goes to sexy, young startups—but in reality, enterprises run the world. We positioned enterprise IT as unsung heroes, with Virtustream as their reliable companion service for mission-critical applications.

Getting on their level

Our CIO audience’s attention is typically spread thin, so our campaign focused on their downtime while traveling. The messaging communicated paramount importance, and the imagery echoed the weight of their business challenges.

Virtustream print

From startup to unicorn

  • Nearly 100% YoY growth four years in a row
  • Campaign contributed to capturing the leading market share
  • 43% YoY sales growth as the campaign ran
  • Our work helped fuel $1.2 billion acquisition by Dell EMC
Virtustream web
Virtustream outdoor
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