The sound of silence

Dolby owns the premier audio experience in film, and their Atmos system redefined the cutting edge by creating a multidimensional theatre experience. But there was never an easy way for movie fans to find that latest blockbuster movie in Atmos sound. It’s something that Dolby had wanted to do for a long time, but hadn’t figured out the best way to execute. So they did what any smart brand would do. They called Traction.

Putting our ears to the ground

Research told us that people look for movie times everywhere — at their desk, on the couch, at the dinner table, on the bus — and the process is pretty evenly divided between computers, phones, and tablets. We felt that the best way to get the Dolby message out was to meet them in their own space, with a search experience that was as easy and viewer-friendly as possible.

Responsive web app

A swipe, a tap, ...a flick

We created a responsive movie and showtime search tool site based on Dolby Atmos theaters. The goal was to develop something that would work seamlessly — and look just as good — on any sized screen. Viewers can enter their location, or start by choosing a movie poster. We used our resources to partner with a back-end partner who could pull current movie showtime and location data, previews, even the official movie posters for a more visual search experience.

Theater finder on laptop

Some sound results

Our new Dolby Atmos search page was just the ticket. Customers started using the app and have continued to return to seek out their favorite new films in Dolby Atmos cinemas. It was a great exercise in smart, simple UX, and the success of the platform is evidenced in Dolby’s continued commitment to its expansion and evolution.

Dolby on mobile
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