CampaignHealthy Pet

Thinking outside the litter box

Healthy Pet came to us in 2014 with the best challenge ever: Launch a new consumer packaged goods product in a crowded, stale, and unimaginative category. How stale and unimaginative? Try cat litter.

Getting our hands dirty

We knew that the messaging had to be honest, direct, and unexpected — no animated cats walking through fields of wildflowers. Also we needed to talk frankly about cat sh*t. But in a tasteful way, and in a voice that pet lovers would connect with.

Meet Rufus

Starting from the universal truth that people love to anthropomorphize their pets, we did just that. In a big way. Enter Rufus, the 6'3'' 200 lb spokes cat — devilishly likable, with all the charming (and not-so-charming) idiosyncrasies of his feline counterparts.

Family photos of Rufus in action

Good kitty

It was the perfect irreverent-but-relevant vehicle to deliver the Healthy Pet story. After launch, the campaign helped increased sales by 600%, doubled velocity at retail, and helped product get on shelves in 3,500 locations. Rufus is just beginning to stretch his legs now and will continue to disrupt the category with what our Healthy Pet client calls, “the right amount of wrong.”

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“Rufus makes Morris the cat seem like a feline version of Mother Teresa.”

Stuart Elliot


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