Here’s to the careless ones

Lenovo is the biggest laptop vendor in the world. Many of those laptops are sold to businesses, and with the launch of their ThinkPad™ Yoga 12 all-in-one laptop and tablet, Lenovo hoped to broaden their exposure to a larger audience and to re-engage dormant business customers.

A tough nut to crack

IT decision makers are a smart, savvy, marketing-averse audience with very sensitive BS meters and short attention spans. The work needed to be void of business buzzwords and speak to our target on a level they could relate to. We had to entertain them, but in a strategic way.

Tragedy + time = comedy

Our research showed that IT folks love sharing war stories about their users. We also learned that Lenovo has a strong reputation for durability in IT circles. From these truths we created a campaign called “Users Happen,” shining a playful light on the abuse and neglect that users commit.

Engaging options

The integrated campaign played out in a series of videos and a collection of four tongue-in-cheek illustrated “Survival Guides” — with one foot planted in reality and the other in absurdity — for IT viewers to enjoy and commiserate over. The campaign content was distributed through an omni-channel strategy spanning banners, pre-roll, native, social, email, and

Striking a chord

Lenovo saw a 400% lift in engagement—a clear signal that the campaign was resonating with the target. The content became the most viewed and downloaded assets ever produced. As a result Lenovo saw a 250% increase in qualified leads and a 300% increase in reengaged dormant customers.

Lenovo Users Happen Survival Guide
Lenovo Users Happen Survival Guide Infographic

“When we need work that stand outs and gets attention, we rely on Traction.

And with 'Users Happen' it got more than just attention—it got results"

Michael Ballard

Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo North America

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