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Senior Developer

Brian Heithaus

Brian had a passion for tinkering with computers from an early age, eventually learning Visual Basic and computer networking, then playing around with Linux distros and setting up LAN parties with friends in high school. In 2013, after some experience working in QA at a startup with some of those same friends in SF, he completed a Software Engineering & Web Development training course with App Academy.

He has been a software engineering professional for 10 years now, with a diverse skill set focused on full stack web development. He is experienced at keeping both the big picture and minute details in mind while leading teams to develop excellent quality software. Having worked for a number of startups and consultancies, he is grateful for all of the talented colleagues he has been able to work with and learn from throughout his career, as well as the wider javascript community. 

Brian loves problem solving, learning and applying new skills while accomplishing key goals for clients and employers. He takes pride in the craft of software engineering. 

Outside of work, he is passionate about the outdoors, community, health and fitness, sustainability and volunteering. Most recently he might be found kitesurfing, playing music, cycling, or hiking.

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