Our story

We redesigned our business using an ancient Chinese martial art.

Tai chi is the embodiment of yin and yang. The principles of this martial art can also apply to business. If you listen first, stay grounded, maintain balance, are fluid about solutions, and open to outcomes, you can remove friction and harness energy.

The past
The founding team at Traction from 2001

Traction was founded as an agency in 2001. We did some great work. Hired amazing people. Partnered with incredible brands. Even won an AdAge Small Agency Award. But at some point, we started to feel the market change.

We listened to our clients and heard they were taking work in-house to create speed and efficiency.

We listened to our people and heard they wanted more flexibility without losing that feeling of being part of a high-performing team.

We looked inward, and saw that the old way of running an agency wasn’t conducive to balancing between the experience clients need and the experience talent wants.

So we changed. Everything.

Our Values

Passion. Integrity. Collaboration. Progress.

We care about these things. We look for people who demonstrate them. We make decisions guided by them. We even reshaped our business model around them.

A New Approach

What does changing everything look like?

Brand-side experience.

Projects are led by people who’ve sat in your seat.

People driven.

Everything we do is driven by empathy.

Uniquely collaborative.

We believe in relationships not projects.

We invest in talent.

Less bloat, more senior people working on your business.

Nimble. Quick.

We accelerate your marketing capability.

We futureproof.

Innovation that gives you a leg up.

That's how we work. Here's what we do.

Traction is a new breed of marketing agency and consultancy—a marketing accelerator for brands and their in-house teams.

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