The Futureproof Project

The Futureproof Project

Because being unprepared is no fun at all.

The internet has transformed almost everything we do—from how we get information to how we communicate, get entertainment, even how we order pizza. It is the defining invention of our lifetime. And yet, it's only the tip of the iceberg relative to what's coming next.

History repeats itself. Just like with the earlier iterations of the web, those who don't adapt to new technologies will suffer the same fate as the companies and industries that got disrupted before. The winners will be the leaders that futureproof their brands. They will be the ones to transform innovation into competitive advantage.

The Futureproof Project is here to ensure that you are one of them.

The future is coming fast.

We can move faster together.

Be the disruptor this time around.

Generative AI. Web3. The evolution of media. Persistent uncertainty. The transformation of commerce. The way work gets done. These are just some of the challenges marketers face today.

The Futureproof Project is an exclusive, invitation-only community of senior brand marketers facilitated by Traction, and dedicated to turning marketing innovation into competitive advantage. We provide thought leadership and a regular venue for members to share and benefit from strategies, challenges, learnings, inspiration and expertise of peers to empower their brands to adapt to change in a confidential setting.

Here are some reasons you should join...

Adapt to change

Turn innovation into competitive advantage. Marketing is in a state of never-ending evolution—the future is coming fast. We’ll help one another weed out the hype and embrace the technologies that can truly make an impact on your business. Turn innovation into competitive advantage.

Spark Creativity

Creative applications of innovation are the biggest drivers of competitive differentiation. We’ll get inspired by our peers and help you uncover big ideas that will put you in the disruptor seat.

Hone Performance

The need for marketing to drive growth is accelerating, but so is the pace of change in the media landscape. Protect your future by staying at the forefront of marketing innovations that lead to efficient growth.

Events 2023

Meetings take place in a monthly series of online sessions and in-person dinners. All times are listed in your local time zone.



Empowering the World to Design

Sunil Subhedar from Canva will discuss how they've integrated Gen AI into their software—used by millions around the world for design. Learn how you can start using AI in your own creative workflow today.


08:00 PM – 09:30 PM





Speaker & topic coming soon

San Francisco

11:30 PM – 02:30 AM





Speaker & topic coming soon

New York

11:30 PM – 02:30 AM

The Futureproof Project: Generative AI
Thursday, August 31, 2023IBM Watson and the Future of Generative AI

Last week, Traction hosted an insightful dinner in NYC for The Futureproof Project. We were honored to have Saul J. Berman, Ph.D. as our guest speaker for the evening.

The Futureproof Project: Generative AI
Monday, July 24, 2023How Brands are Using Generative AI Right Now

A conversation with former SNIPES CDO, Jenna Posner.

Apple Vision
Monday, June 5, 2023The Augmented World is Coming

Last week, we took a trip to Silicon Valley for the Augmented World Expo.

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