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Fractional CMO. Renaissance dude.

Michael Baer
Executive Client Partner / Strategist

Michael Baer

Michael is a growth-focused fractional CMO with over 30 years of marketing and operational leadership, and a track record of driving strategic insight, superior creativity, and executional excellence.

Michael leverages his diverse end-to-end experience to help companies turn their marketing into a greater value driver for their organization. After years running marketing for companies from Fortune 500’s to SMB’s and start-ups, he is now a fractional CMO, consulting with companies of all sizes to create more powerful consumer-driven brands, professionalize and transform their marketing, and initiate and innovate their GTM approaches.

Michael’s also a writer, musician, home cook and mixologist, gardener, tennis player, and all-around-Jeffersonian (he even went to the University of Virginia). He’s also an industry thought-leader who came up with the term “Stratecution” — a concept that aligns strategy, execution, people, operations, and technology around a holistic marketing approach to accelerate growth.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023Start with 'Who,' Rather Than 'Why'

Traction consultant Michael Baer shares his latest thoughts on marketing in a recent MediaPost article. Mike suggests starting with asking "who?" even before you start asking "why?"

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