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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

By Traction

We have all seen previews, advertisements and announcements before watching a movie in theatres.

Some may catch your attention, others you just pass on by. I recently came upon an article in Ad Week describing how a Beijing movie-theater showed an ad that hit quite the nerve with moviegoers.

This advertisement, provided by VW, is the first of its kind; an interactive advertisement. It shows a person driving down a normal road, with no obstacles or traffic. Those watching the ad were then text messaged by a local-based broadcaster, only to have the outcome of the ad jolted. Because they answered their text while watching the ad, the car then crashed on the side of the road.

Moviegoers watching appear stunned, and almost feeling responsible because they answered their phone while watching this ad. Although this ad is a great way to hit home with viewers, the only problem is being able to put this into action. To watch the video and read more about this ad, click here.

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