SF Design Week 2017 Kicks Off

Sunday, June 18, 2017

By Julie Nielsen

On Wednesday, SF Design Week kicked off with an opening night event.

Now in its tenth year, there are more than 60 studio tours and 200 events throughout the week that feature world-renowned designers, entrepreneurs, and innovative thought leaders.

Members of Traction's creative team attended the Opening Night kick-off to show our support for the thriving Bay Area design community. The event did not disappoint. There was an Augmented Reality Experience, art installations, sculptures, and a performance by an up-and-coming beatboxer named Butterscotch. Most importantly, there were a lot of opportunities to mingle with the community – and to toast the week.

SF Design Week

Augmented reality experience mural by LOCZIdesign and Heavy Projects

SF Design Week

"Question Everything" is the theme for this year's SF Design Week

SF Design Week

"Shadow to Light" exhibit presented by Airbnb

SF Design Week

Displays of sculptures, packaging, and student work

About the author

Julie loves all things related to design. A new project means new problems to solve, new ideas to flesh out, and interesting patterns to sort. In other words, thinking and working creatively really "bakes her cake." In her free time Julie likes to make things — for example, a ten foot tall plush squid, props for her desk so it looks like the set of Pee Wee's Playhouse, and a Lego head motorcycle helmet. You can always find Julie in front of a giant monitor or behind a glue gun, ready for action.

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