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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Adam Kleinberg

What a nice surprise this morning when I opened up my email to find that Mike Estrin over at iMediaConnection had published a list of Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow.

The Traction blog was right up there on top of the list!

It was quite an honor to see our shop listed with some of the best and brightest in our industry—Beth Comstock from GE, Mark Cuban, 360i, Wired's Web Monkey blog (which I remember reading in 1998), Adam Kmeic, Pete Shankman and the Copyranter. Also some folks I wasn't as familiar with, but really look forward to getting to know: Shane Atchison from Possible, Luis Abreu (UX blogger), Harrison Monarth from Harvard Business Review and author Bernard Marr.

I can't speak for everyone who contributes to the Traction blog, but for me blogging has always been a passion. I actually started blogging in 1997 long before anyone invented the word blogging. Back then I had a blog called "Outrage" which basically covered anything that pissed me off that week. I'd research something during the week and then head over to the Gold Cane with a yellow pad, and sit at the end of the bar drinking double Jameson's on the rocks all night, scribbling furiously.

I had to go home after Brandon the bartender threw me out (if anyone knows Brandon, tell him I say hello) and hand code my posts in HTML. No Wordpress back in the Web 1.0 Dark Ages.

I ultimately tried to blow up Outrage into a full-scale "zine" in the image of, but the folks I recruited were not quite as prolific as I and I failed miserably. But I still love blogging and am glad to work with so many interesting people with provocative thoughts and ideas to share.

That's all for now. I've got some new blogs to read.

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Adam Kleinberg

Adam Kleinberg is CEO and and a founding partner of Traction. He has written over 75 articles in publications like AdAge, Adweek, Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable and Digiday.

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