10 Next Hot Jobs on AdWeek

Monday, July 24, 2017

By Traction

Adweek asked Traction about the hottest new jobs in marketing.

Traction's Adam Kleinberg was featured in an article on the 10 Next Hot Jobs written by Matt Kapko and published here on AdWeek .

Time to polish that résumé, marketers. The business is shifting amid rapid change, and jobs that were considered experimental a few years ago are now indispensable. Career paths are being disrupted midstream, and both brands and ad agencies are recalibrating talent for the next generation of marketing.

The combined forces of globalization and the commoditization of technology are exacerbating the pace at which new, promising tools are becoming available to brands, per Aaron Harvey, co-founder and ecd at Ready Set Rocket , who says that every job title the digital marketing agency hires for today did not exist when it launched eight years ago. "It's going to be incumbent on [marketers] to look for passion projects and experiment on passion projects," he explains.

Or, put another way, what is it about futuristic tech and data that gets you jazzed? Marketers of all stripes need to figure out the answer to that question to stay current. And with more gigs in mar tech and ad tech, you'd better start learning the ABCs of DMPs, IVRs and PMPs.

"[Marketers] need to create experiences that people want to consume," notes Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction. And that's going to take the right kind of know-how.

After querying a bevy of experts, we identified 10 jobs that will be the most important and in-demand roles in digital marketing for the next several years—or at least until the next wave of innovation comes crashing down.

Read the rest of the article by following this link .

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