How Silos Hurt your Content Marketing

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Should you create a media-plan first or content-plan first?

When you ask, "what do I want to tell customers?" instead of "what do customers want to hear from us?" you're creating a silo-driven content marketing plan that often fails to engage. Such is the premise put forth by Traction Strategy Director Jabeen Yusuf in her recent article for .

Touting successful campaigns by Redbull and Oreo that were grounded in a holistic approach to content creation, Jabeen concludes that "the driver was the content, not where it was distributed." But what can be learned from these examples? Jabeen suggests that by using social media as a storytelling laboratory brands and agencies can experiment with what content resonates in a low-stakes and low-cost manner.

To read the whole article go here: Today Your Content Is Your Marketing, So Don't Create A Silo For It

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