Introducing T2 - Traction's Second Office

Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the past 11 years, we've been steadily and organically growing. So, it was no surprise to us the day we looked around to discover our current digs were nearly maxed-out.

Not wanting to leave the awesome indoor atrium playground that is our current office, we set out to find a second location that is as grand as the first—And we did it.

While we believe that it is ideal to have our entire team under one roof, logistically speaking it is no longer feasible. So we wanted something close to our main office. Conveniently, we didn't have too look too far. We found our second location just around the corner.

We believe that at the heart of any great company is a great staff. And the way to get a great staff—other than bribing them to work for you—is to give them an awesome place to work.

And the environment that our team experiences day in and day out is an integral component. If you've ever been to our headquarters, you'll know that we've got a pretty kick-ass space. So, our new office had to match that same level.

T2 has all the amenities we demand: High ceilings, open work spaces, natural light, comfortable communal areas and trees—Lots and lots of trees.

We are still in the midst of moving team members over to T2, but it has already become the de facto space for our BBQ showdowns, Dr. Sketchy life drawing nights, and auxiliary events—just imagine what will happen when we start doing work here.

T2 entrance
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