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Thursday, March 9, 2017

By Traction

Brands and agencies are concentrating too hard on simply counting impressions. At Traction, we believe brands need to get back to making them.

Traction started as a creative agency fifteen years ago, but for the past several years we've been steadily building an integrated media practice designed from the ground up for the Digital Age.

We have a holistic process that allows brands to connect the dots on how paid, owned, and earned channels can be used to influence consumer behavior throughout the customer journey.

We integrate to maximize impact.

We provide solid integration between Strategy, Creative and Media from the very start.

  • Early alignment. Media alignment with brand Strategy and Creative happens early at Traction. We include audience consumption behavior and other media insights that can strengthen creative development. Uniquely, our strategy department reports to our Executive Creative Director, so all three functions behave in lock step.
  • Paid, owned, and earned. Our planning process is multi-disciplinary and we collaborate on mapping out how to achieve objectives throughout the customer journey across paid, owned, and earned channels. Consumers don't distinguish when it comes to interactions with brands—neither do we.
  • Endemic collaboration. Finally, our planning process includes collaboration sessions to bring a media perspective into our creative process. This also injects creativity to media planning. This maximizes the impact of our work.

We think about your customer.

She is not a cookie. She is a human being. We plan with her in mind.

  • Content and context. We believe that environment still matters. The mainstreaming of programmatic technologies has caused consumer burnout. This is why as many as 40% of them use ad blockers. While we strive to be as efficient as possible, we don't just relying on robots. We connect with the right audience, at the right time, and within an environment where they are receptive to the message.
  • Experience . 89% of brands say they differentiate on the basis of customer experience. Then why do so many of them bombard people with crappy ads that ruin it?

We see the story behind the numbers.

You can't put a tracking pixel on someone's heart. Blind faith in math is dangerous.

  • Analytics as storytelling. Numbers are important, but Traction believes in telling the story around the data. Why did we see an increase in Cost Pers? Why is that one piece of creative performing better than others? We always strive to get beyond just showing the "numbers." We talk about what matters.
  • Journey-based measurement. Putting the customer journey at the center of your planning can help drive results that are actually meaningful to your business. Once you understand that path, you have a clear understanding of the business objectives that will drive long-term revenue growth, brand health and customer advocacy.
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