Xbox vs. PlayStation 3

Monday, March 4, 2013

By Traction

Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg was recently quoted in the Direct Marketing News article Microsoft's Xbox Runs 360s Around Sony's PlayStation 3.

Focusing on the differing brand strategies surrounding Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3; the article compares the two platforms in terms of social media, forums, websites, video/print/banner ads, and branding to conclude that:

"Individual creative assets for both consoles impressed our analysts. But PS3's overall tenor is that of an overly aggressive car salesman pushing a great car at a good price. Xbox offers a community (even if that community seems composed of mostly foul-mouthed teen boys—as is the case with Xbox LIVE). While PS3 has shown great creativity in much of its advertising, as far as showing a clean, consistent and uniform message, it's like Jackson Pollock had an off-day."

The article was written by Senior Editor Ryan Joe and featured additional industry input from Kim and Wayne Pick of RAPP and Ken Fitzgerald of Catalyst .

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