Even Hold Music is Interactive

Thursday, August 8, 2013

By Tack Trudell

Here at Traction we pride ourselves on making the most of art and technology for our clients. We dig a little deeper. We look for opportunities for interaction where people don't normally look. Hold music for instance.

Phone IVR systems are a huge part of how customers interact with clients. They're not just pressing buttons trying to get to support. Or hoping to speak to a sales rep about volume discounts. They're interacting with your brand. Is Kenny G your brand? I hope not. If a customer calls you to order 10,000 things and they have to listen to Michael Bolton first you may have just lost a sale.

Well, at Traction great work and interaction are part of our brand. Here are some highlights:

The A Team

Lavern and Shirley

Knight Rider

The X-Files

Star Trek Theme

The Muppet Show

Beverly Hill Billies

Doctor Who

About the author

I am an integrator of things. I look beyond front end, back end and the object to see where art and tech can manifest the whole.

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